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NPC Name Karahan
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation None
Location Unknown

Brother of Kasarana. Karahan is one of the seven Apostles along with Elena, Ignacio, and Typhoon Krag who serves an unnamed man. Kalahan exudes a dark aura of tremendous power. He hints that he is closely acquainted with Gerrant and the Warrior's father. Karahan doesn't seem to age. He is also the boss of the Green Dragon's Nest.


Kalahan is narcissistic, arrogant, and egomaniacal. His immense power only serves to further inflate his enormous ego.

Early Life[]

Kalahan possesses incredible power and talent for the magical arts. When Kasarana was a student of the Astral Coven, he had already mastered the magic of the Ancients as well as control over time and space. Kalahan is widely regarded as the greatest sorcerer since Marion and Farellina.

Kalahan had an enormous ego and ambition. Despite dwarfing the entire school in terms of raw power, he was denied leadership of the Astral Coven due to his cruel nature. Kalahan then decided to leave the Astral Coven to pursue his own goals. He used his control over time to halt his aging.

The Dragon Raid[]

Kalahan ordered Velskud to steal the Black Dragon's lustre. Elena escorted Velskud to him and Kalahan attempted to extract the lustre from Velskud for the unnamed man, without result. Kalahan then decided to study the lustre and managed to develop a cure for the Plague Rain that resulted from the Black Dragon Karas' blood. He also noted that Velskud hasn't turned into a dragon yet. Kalahan managed to develop a method to use his immense power to turn a person into a dragon using only a dragon's lustre.

Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant[]

The player first met Kalahan when Daisy requested the player to collect a large amount of bandages at Black Sovereign Assembly. He hints that he is looking for Velskud. If the player is a Warrior, Kalahan mentions that he is acquainted with the player's father.

Later at Sunken Cargo Ship, Kalahan was seen looking for Leviathan. The player state that Bishop Ignacio sent him / her there and Kalahan makes a snide remark about the Bishop. The player later meets Kalahan at Black Ark Monarch's Tower where Daisy reported that the black bird flew to. He made a short comment before sending the player away. Finally at Pirate Hideout, Kalahan asks the player where Velskud is. Kalahan reveals that the black bird that Daisy was referring to was actually Velskud.

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven[]

Kalahan stealing the Green Dragon's lustre

Kalahan learned that the Natives of Lotus Marsh housed the Green Dragon's lustre. He sent the Dragon Cultists to attack and kidnap the Natives and poisoned them with the Black Dragon's blood. Kalahan then approached Zulie as a friend and offered to help rescue her people. He also told her that Kasarana was responsible for the capture of her people. Sidel was suspicious of Kalahan but Zulie trusted Kalahan over Sidel.

Kalahan brewed the cure for the Natives to further cement her trust for him. After Zulie's grandfather was tortured to death, he gave her the responsibility to keep the Green Dragon's lustre safe. Kalahan requested Zulie to escort him to the lustre. There, Kalahan showed his true intentions and attempted to steal the lustre. Sidel shot a ball of magic at Kalahan and knocked the lustre out of his hands. The lustre was claimed by Zulie and she turned into a monster. Kalahan then hunted her down and forcefully extracted the lustre from her, killing her.

Chapter 7: Succession[]

Sidel attacked Kalahan but he was soundly defeated. Later, Velskud confronted Kalahan and he announced that he had more to do. Sidel attacked Kalahan again and was defeated again.

Sidel faces off against Kalahan

Chapter 8: Faded Glory[]

Kalahan destroyed the 4 totems that were sealing the power of the Green Dragon at Ancient Treasury, Land of Frost, Wayward Isle, and Wayward Shore.

The player ran into Kalahan at Wayward Isle and the Sorceresses of the Astral Coven attacked him at Wayward Shore. With the power of the Green Dragon's power unsealed, he turned into the Green Dragon and created his Nest. Sidel developed a device to penetrate Kalahan's Nest and requested the player to defeat Kalahan.