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Kasarana old.png
NPC Name Kasarana
Gender Female
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation Village leader
Location Lotus Marsh

Kasarana is the late leader of the town of Lotus Marsh and the Astral Coven, and a powerful Sorceress. Fifty years ago, she answered Gerrant's call to fight against the Black Dragon Karas during The Dragon Raid and led the Astral Coven Sorceresses. She is known as one of the Six Heroes along with Velskud, Varnak, Nerwin, and Terram.

Many Sorceresses look up to her, including Stella, who is her biggest fan. Kasarana has passed away and the leadership of the Astral Coven has been succeeded by Sidel.


"Kasarana doesn't need a mirror to remind her how perfectly lovely her features are, but she spends an hour in front of one each morning admiring herself anyway."

Early Life[]

Kalahan, Kasarana's brother is an immensely powerful magic-user. His enormous ego and ambition prevented him from claiming leadership of the Astral Coven. He then decided to leave the Astral Coven in search for more power. The sorceresses of the Astral Coven started spreading rumors about Kalahan which shamed Kasarana and her family. From then on, the Astral Coven decided to only allow women to join the Astral Coven and learn magic.

The Dragon Raid[]

During The Dragon Raid, she lost one of her earrings which was a gift from her brother Kalahan at Sunken Cargo Ship and she requested the aid of Varnak, Nerwin, and Terram to look for it. She blames Terram for the loss of her earring and thus the animosity between the Astral Coven Sorceresses and the Temple Knight began.

Later when she, Gerrant, and Nerwin was scouting Death City Lane, Kasarana attempted to cook a new dish to attract Gerrant's attention. Unfortunately, she has no talent for cooking and she inadvertently invented the infamous and inedible Poochum Chow. The Poochum Chow later proved to have the ability to give life to inanimate objects such as Lord Elmscrook, Matron Bristlebane, and Chatterbox Book Doctor and to give her pet Gerrant the ability to talk.

After the defeat of the Black Dragon Karas, Kasarana was poisoned by the Plague Rain. She managed to develop a medicine that slowed down its contamination but it couldn't cure her.

After The Dragon Raid[]

After the conclusion of The Dragon Raid, she returned to the Astral Coven and tutored future Sorceresses including Cynthia, Lady Kaylinn, and Marisala before retiring to Lotus Marsh.

Kasarana was depressed to see her feelings for Gerrant go unrequited, thus she wrote a romance novel to cope with her depression. Unfortunately, the novel went public and it became famous. Kasarana then ordered her close associates to destroy every last copy and to keep it secret. Fortunately, she did not explicitly name the characters in the novel, thus her reputation remains intact.

Kasarana noticed that Sidel, Marisala's brother harbored incredible power and talent for magic. She sees Kalahan in him and decided to take him under her wing and to watch over him. She hesitated to teach him magic for fear of seeing him turning into Kalahan.

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven[]

Kasarana's farewell

Kasarana gave the player her medicine to slow down the contamination of Leviatha's poison. She also noticed that Sidel had been spending time with Zulie, a young Native girl. Kasarana pointed out that Zulie disliked her, although she doesn't understand why. Later, Sidel reported that Zulie was very friendly with a man and he sent Kasarana a letter. She discovered that he was Kalahan and she confronted him. She warned Sidel and Zulie to not get involved with Kalahan.

Later, Sidel reported to Kasarana that Zulie had turned into a monster. If the player is a Tinkerer, she explained that a person contaminated with a dragon's blood and who touched a dragon's lustre will turn into a monster.

Chapter 7: Succession[]

Sidel decided to steal Kasarana's scroll of magic and attacked Kalahan. Kasarana followed Sidel but they were soundly defeated.

After returning to the cabin, Kasarana succumbed to the Black Dragon's poison. She witnessed Sidel's empathy for the plight of Zulie and the Dromanji and recognized that Sidel is the opposite of Kalahan. She named him the next leader of the Astral Coven and passed away, her spirit telling Sidel to do them all proud before departing.