Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name Kevin
Gender Male
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation None
Location Carderock Pass

A boy who longs for adventure and glory. His dream is to one day become an airship pilot and soar through the blue skies of Altera.

Upon reading Kevin's dialogue and commissions, the player learns that his father, an adventurer, died when he was young, leaving him with only his mother. In place of his father, Hubert watches after him. The two have a close bond, to the point where Kevin calls Hubert his Uncle.


To befriend Kevin, you must complete the quest The Invisible Man. Giving gifts to Kevin increases Fondness Points with Hubert, and vice versa, while increasing aversion with the Invisible Thief. Giving gifts to Irine also increases Kevin's Fondness. Between 30 and 50 fondness points, Kevin gifts a pair of goggles that reportedly help increase fondness. The gifts Kevin like are:

Friendship Dialogue[]

5.00 Fondness[]

15.00 Fondness[]

30.00 Fondness[]

35.00 Fondness[]

55.00 Fondness[]