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King Casius III.png
NPC Name King Cassius III
Gender Male
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace.png
Occupation King of Saint's Haven
Location Saint's Haven

A sickly boy and latest in the line of Cassius. Looks up to his grandfather King Cassius I and strives to be like him. Cassius has never left the castle and he wonders about the world outside Saint Haven.

King Cassius III becomes fast friends with the player because of the player's freedom as an adventurer. In the chain of side-quests that he offers, he co-operates with Guardsman Donald, Robinson, a poor boy who looks like him, and the player to visit the dungeons around the continent.

Donald displayed a desire to use Robinson to steal the throne and kill King Cassius III. Robinson was suspicious of Donald's strange actions and requests and decided to inform the player. The player then warns King Cassius III of Donald's plot thus sparing him from Donald's greed and conspiracy. King Cassius III then decides to anoint Robinson as a Knight.


To befriend King Cassius III, you must finish the quest Royal Castle Saint's Haven.

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