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NPC Name Kiwi
Gender Female
Alliance Golden Goose Traders Golden Goose Traders.png
Occupation Merchant, repairs, donations
Location Lotus Marsh

Kiwi is the merchant of Lotus Marsh. She a Native and is shy and timid. Kiwi's brother is Suriya whom she loves dearly. She works to raise money to return to her family.


"Not wanting to be dunked in lava, Kiwi never complains anymore. She works at the general goods shop and not allowed to take breaks. Or else she'll be forced to eat broken glass. Honest!"

Kiwi was kidnapped and sold between many circus troupes. A man bought her and allowed her to work at Lotus Marsh. He bound Kiwi to a contract to raise enough money before allowing her to return to her family. Her brother Suriya was searching for her but she sends the player to assure him that she was fine and to wait for her return.



Unlock friendship with Kiwi by completing the quest General Store Cleanup.

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