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NPC Name Lady Kaylinn
Gender Female
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace.png
Occupation Representative of the Astral Coven
Location Saint's Haven

Representative of the Astral Coven in the court of Cassius. A student of Kasarana along with Cynthia.
Kaylinn, like many sorceresses of the Astral Coven, greatly dislikes and highly suspicious of Bishop Ignacio and the Temple Knights.

In Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant, Kaylinn confides in the player explaining that her dreams are haunted by a prince. She then commission the player to create a dream powder so that the player can enter her dream and confront the prince.
The prince is revealed as the Prince of Poochums, and he wishes to invade Kaylinn's dream. The player defeated his army of Poochums and successfully expelled him.

Exasperated by the event, Kaylinn begs the player to not reveal the truth to anyone.


To befriend Lady Kaylinn, you must finish the quest Medicine of the Astral Coven, Dream That Can't Be Wakened Out of 3.

Gifting Lady Kaylinn raises Aversion for Duke Stewart, and Fondness for Stella.

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