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NPC Name Lena
Gender Female
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace.png
Occupation None
Location Saint's Haven

Lena as the White Rose

Adoptive daughter of General Duglas. Lady Lena's parents were killed by Dragon Cultists when she was very young. Since then, she carried a grudge and desire for revenge.

She takes on the identity of a thief known as the White Rose to take revenge on the Dragon Cultists who shed their identity and returned to society. First she kidnaps a noblemen who General Duglas commissioned the player to rescue. She then kidnaps Viscount Arlento to interrogate him and steals his ring that she suspects contain a list of all the Dragon Cultists in Saint's Haven.

Also, as the adoptive daughter of General Duglas, she has access to the royal library as is able to look through the record of names of Dragon Cultists among Saint's Haven's noblemen. She then kidnaps Dorin and forces him to break open the ring. After Dorin opens the ring and obtains the paper within, he passes the paper to the player who then passes it to Stashy for decryption. The decrypted paper is then stolen by the White Rose and she requests to meet the player.

At this point, Duke Stewart managed to uncover the identity of the White Rose and suspected her as Lena, as she dropped a hankerchief. The player then defends her with General Duglas' approval, saying that it was their hanky and not Lena's. General Duglas probably forgave Lena's actions and respected her intentions.

In Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant, Lena requests aid of Oliver, one of the two Dragon Cultist deserters to gain more information regarding the Dragon Cultists. His life was threatened by the Dragon Cultists and received a Dragon Followers' Mark. Lena recognizes the mark. General Duglas explains that the mark is branded on Dragon Cultist traitors and are marked for death.

Lena remembers that her parents has that mark, thus she realizes that her parents were killed by Dragon Cultists because they deserted the Dragon Cultists. Oliver revealed to her that the people responsible for her parents' death is at Lotus Marsh.


Lena is lady-like and soft-spoken. Fond of smelling her white rose.


Unlock friendship with Lena by completing the quest Identity of the White Rose.

Gifting Lena raises Aversion for Duke Stewart, and Fondness for General Duglas.

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