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Cleric Master Leonard.png
NPC Name Leonard
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Cleric Skill Trainer
Location Mana Ridge


"Despite his abrasive, crude, and borderline blasphemous personality, Leonard is a respected Cleric Trainer who has come to restore the legacy of the Sage in Mana Ridge. He’s a prominent member of the Cleric faction that supports the Pontiff’s conflict with the Temple Knights. As such, he often finds himself at odds with the Knights despite the fact that he himself has no quarrel with them and in principle supports their aims."

Quite unusually, Leonard does not give clerics access to their skill tree - one must go to Brother Thomas for this. He does, however, give them access to the tutorial.


"What do you want, kid?" ~ chat start

"Goddess be with you, blah blah blah." ~ chat end

"The Goddess is always watching, so don't do anything stupid." ~ chat end