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NPC Name Lily
Gender Female
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation None
Location Ironwood Village

Rose's little sister. She is constantly trying to think of something that will help Harold, her grandfather, in these difficult times. Still, she is only a child, and can do little to help.


Lily and Rose are very close, and she was devastated by Rose's disappearance. As a young child, Lily is characterized by her dependence on others, simple and naïve perspective, showing of emotions, and being the subject of sympathy.


To befriend Lily, you must finish Master's Remains 4. Giving gifts to Irine increases Lily's Fondness points. The gifts Lily like are:

Giving gifts to Lily also increases Captain Steve's fondness.


"Sniff...I miss Rose." ~ chat start

"Where did my sister go?" ~ chat start

"Please find my sister!" ~ chat end

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Lily is the grandmother to the Tinkerer.