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Loffy the Beggar.png
NPC Name Loffy the Beggar
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Beggar
Location Saint's Haven

A beggar who sits near Erwin. Has a few screws loose.

Legend has it that Loffy was once a terrifying pirate who terrorized Hermalte Port. He later met with an accident and was reduced to a beggar who imagines that there is a poochum living inside his head.


To befriend Loffy the Beggar, you must be level 38.

Daily Quests[]

Loffy offers five daily quests at:

The level 50-56 quests give an exp reward and two Treasure Pouch (2000 PU), while the level 56-60 quests give extra exp and an additional Treasure Pouch (2000)

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