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Lotus Marsh loading screen.

"Lotus Marsh is a humid town covered in swamps. Moss clings to every structure, giving the town an organic appearance. Buildings look as if they could be consumed by the marsh at any moment. Outsiders are openly shunned, and due to hostility between the natives and humans that occupy the town, a hint of tension always hangs heavy in the air, threatening to burst into outright conflict at any moment.

A small population of human-like natives called Dromaji has prospered in Lotus Marsh for generations. The town was once a beacon of cultural exchange between Elves and Humans, but now the Elves are long gone, leaving only the Dromaji and the Humans. Despite the palpable hostility, the Humans and Dromaji continue to coexist, and certain aspects of the separate cultures have begun to coalesce. The Astral Coven has also set up its headquarters in the marsh under the lead of Kasarana, one of the Six Heroes of the Dragon Raid."

At the end of Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant, the player character is directed to this village to meet the legendary Kasarana. The player stays in Lotus marsh until the end of Chapter 8, when they are sent back to Saint's Haven by Teram.

The third job advancements can also be taken here at level 45.


Map Key Meaning
NPC Icon.png NPC
Portal Icon.png Portal
Cleric Icon.png Cleric Skill Trainer
Sorceress Icon.png Sorceress Skill Trainer
Auction Icon.png Auction House
Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith
Trade Icon.png General Shop
Storage Icon.png Storage Keeper
Scholar Icon.png Scholar
Guild Icon.png Guild Manager
Mailbox Icon.png Mailbox

Lotus Marsh Town Map.png

List of NPCs[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Warrior Trainer Pedro.png
Warrior Trainer Pedro Warrior Trainer South-West
Sorceress Trainer Marisala.png
Sorceress Trainer Marisala Sorceress Trainer South
Archer Trainer Ajari.png
Archer Trainer Ajari Archer Trainer South-West
Cleric Trainer Johan.png
Cleric Trainer Johan Cleric Trainer South-West
Hernandez Crest Scholar South-East
Kiwi Repairs & Donations East
Morin Blacksmith West of Kiwi
Zampa Storage Keeper South
Hendrick Aristocrat West
Jose Leaguemaster South-East
Kasarana Leader ?
Gerrant the Poochum.png
Gerrant the Poochum Hearth Ornament... ?
Sidel Sorceress ?
Lord Elmscrook.png
Lord Elmscrook Walking Stick ?
Matron Bristlebane.png
Matron Bristlebane Sweeper-Upper ?
Zulie Troublemaker ?
Easy Pete.png
Easy Pete Goddess Teardrop Shop East

Ironwood Village Thumb.png
Ironwood Village
Mana Ridge Thumb.png
Mana Ridge
Carderock Pass Thumb.png
Carderock Pass
Saint's Haven Thumb.png
Saint's Haven
Lotus Marsh Thumb.png
Lotus Marsh
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