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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Magma Ball.png
Active Skill
Fire Element.png Fire
? Gold ? Silver ? Copper

Pumps molten lava from the ground, creating a magma ball, and sends it rolling to the front. The magma will explode after a certain distance, inflicting significant damage.


  • Has a small suction effect for mobbing.

Obtaining the Skill


  • Burning Hand Level 1

Talk to any Sorceress Skill Trainer to buy the skill.


RankReq. LevelSP Cost Magic DamageMana ConsumedCooldown Time
1 50 15 1024%+8906 5.4% of Base MP47s
2 53 5 1054%+10678 5.6% of Base MP47s
3 56 5 1085%+12626 5.8% of Base MP47s
4 59 5 1119%+14846 5.9% of Base MP47s