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The Mailbox system of Dragon Nest allows you to send mail to any character in your server and may be accessed through a Mailbox in any town, represented by Mailbox Icon.png on the map.


Players are able to send one item and a message (limited to 179 characters, so long as it fits in the space provided) for a base fee of 20 copper, while sending money adds an amount equal to 0.3% of the money sent to the base fee.

Players are only able to send 5 mails per day on each character, however Express mail does not count towards the limit. Express mail uses up an Express Mail Stamp, which may be purchased for NX. This mail can also hold up to 5 items, and the stationery changes as well. All mail expires after 30 days and are automatically deleted.

Express Mail Stamp[]

Icon Description
Express Mail Stamp.png Allows you to ignore the daily mail limit. Also allows you to attach up to 5 items and use special stationery. Single use.
Cost Amount
900 NX 10 Express Mail Stamps

NPC Mail[]

NPCs may send mails upon meeting certain requirements, including completing and achievement, reaching a certain level or randomly when gifting them items. Items and/or money may be sent with these mails, especially mail for completing a Daily or Weekly Achievement, or as a gift from an NPC after you gift them.

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