Dragon Nest Wiki
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Mystic Mischief.png
Mystic Mischief Active Out of the buffs currently on the enemy, grants some to self that doesn't affect the weapon. You can only maintain one buff obtained by using Mystic Mischief. Meteor Storm Level 1 45
Gravity Blast +.png
Gravity Blast + Passive Enhance Gravity Blast skill to increase the explosion range as it explodes 3 times upon explode. Gravity Blast Level 11 47
Gravity Well.png
Gravity Well Active Launchers nearby enemies to the air and smashes down to the ground. Mystic Mischief Level 1 50
Triple Orbs +.png
Triple Orbs + Passive Strengthens Triple Orbs, increasing damage and knocks down enemies. The orbs' final hit causes an explosion with a large AoE size. Triple Orbs Level 1
Gravity Blast + Level 1
Black Hole +.png
Black Hole + Passive Strengthens Black Hole, increasing damage, AoE size, and suction speed. Black Hole + ends with an explosion. Black Hole Level 1 60

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