Mana Ridge

Mana Ridge

Mana Ridge is the beginning town for all Sorceresses, Clerics, Tinkerers, and Lancea. It's very cold and snowy, surrounded by a forest.

The Sorceresses and Clerics had been dispatched here to retrieve the Vision Orb. Despite working towards the same goal, the two parties are tense.

Nearby is the Snowmelt Forest.


Merchants and Services Edit

  • Irine (Event Guide)
  • Borin (Blacksmith)
  • Don (Storage)
  • Gale (Scholar)
  • Jenny (Shop)
  • Gordon (Guild Manager)
  • O'neil (Marketplace)
  • Lilith (Airship Ticketeer)

Trainers Edit

  • Leonard (Cleric Trainer)
  • Cynthia (Sorceress Trainer)
  • Tinkerer Station (Tinkerer Trainer)
  • Eltia (Lancea Trainer)

Miscellaneous Edit


Quests, save for the Main Quests of the Sorceresses, Clerics, Tinkerers and Lancea, are unavailable in this town after a patch.