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Mana Ridge loading screen

Home to the Clerics, Sorceress, Tinkerers, and Lenceas Mana Ridge is a quiet, isolated town near the north western mountains of Altera.

It is a quiet place with few things you can do here. You will arrive at Mana Ridge after saving a Cleric from their doom by monsters. Here you will learn the basics from what the townspeople have to teach you and eventually you'll be set off to continue your quest in other areas.

When you start as either a Cleric, Sorceress, Tinkerer, or Lenceas you will enter a brief tutorial sequence and eventually end up here. You will spend most of your time in Mana Ridge and the fields near by it until you reach level 9, then you will be able to leave to Carderock Pass. Mana Ridge has a number of shops you can access, although they are mainly there to provide the equipment for levels 1-9.


Icon Meaning
NPC Icon.png NPC
Portal Icon.png Portal
Cleric Icon.png Cleric Skill Trainer
Sorceress Icon.png Sorceress Skill Trainer
Auction Icon.png Auction House
Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith
Trade Icon.png General Shop
Storage Icon.png Storage Keeper
Scholar Icon.png Scholar
Guild Icon.png Guild Manager
Mailbox Icon.png Mailbox
Ticketer Icon.png Conductor
BorinCynthiaGordonO'NeilThomasMailboxGailJennyDonFrost HillLilithLeonardBlack FluffaloBlack FluffaloBlack FluffaloTaraIrineMana Ridge.png

List of NPC's[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Sorceress Master Cynthia.png
Cynthia Sorceress Skill Master Northern Field
Cleric Master Leonard.png
Leonard Cleric Master Northern Field
Merchant Jenny.png
Jenny General Shop Owner Southern General Shop
Borin Blacksmith East
Don Storage Keeper Southern Warehouse
O'Neil Auction House Manager Northeast Houses
Gail Crest Scholar Southern Houses
Lilith Conducter for the Atlantis The lone NPC west of town
Gordon Adventurer's League member, Guild Recruitment Behind the central building
Thomas Cleric Skill Trainer Center of town
Fergus Tutorial Guide Tutorial Area
(Talk to Leonard or Cynthia to reach it.)
Events Guide Irine.png
Irine Event Guide Mana Ridge Entrance

Ironwood Village Thumb.png
Ironwood Village
Mana Ridge Thumb.png
Mana Ridge
Carderock Pass Thumb.png
Carderock Pass
Saint's Haven Thumb.png
Saint's Haven
Lotus Marsh Thumb.png
Lotus Marsh
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