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The Marketplace is a player controlled market where players can list and sell items. Any items that are not bound to the character can be sold here. Bound items must be sealed before they can be listed in the Marketplace.

The marketplace limits how many auctions a player can place at any one time as well as overall for the week. Players must be Level 24 or above in order to use the marketplace.


Players may find items on the Marketplace by typing in the name of the item in a search box. The search can be limited by class or can be broadened to incorporate all classes. Search results can then be listed according to price, or alphabetically by name.

Item prices are listed on the far right of the search results. Stacked items have their total price listed but the price per unit can be viewed by mousing over the stack price. When an item is selected, a price comparison button is enabled below the search window which can call up the highest, lowest and average price per unit paid for that item in the past week.


To list an item, click the "list" tab on the Marketplace. Players may list 30 items on the Marketplace every week. No more than 5 items can be listed on the Marketplace at one time. Players may set the price of the items they are selling, however, they must pay a percentage of that price as a fee to list the item. Items are sold on the Marketplace for 12 hours before they expire. The money for sold items can be retrieved under the "collect" tab and is subject to a sales tax.