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Merchant May.png
NPC Name May
Gender Female
Alliance Golden Goose Traders Golden Goose Traders.png
Occupation Merchant
Location Carderock Pass

A young woman working as a merchant in Carderock who longs for city life, and for someone to whisk her away. She is interested in fashion, and spends much of her time reading through Divine Flirtations for tips on how to look stylish. Her other interests are constantly changing, much to the dismay of the townspeople.



To befriend May, you must have the Fat Wallet achievement (obtained by having 100g in your inventory). Giving gifts to May also gives Fondness points to Adeline while increasing Aversion with Chandler. Giving gifts to Hubert or the Invisible Thief increases May's Fondness as well, while giving gifts to Bailey increases her Aversion. The gifts May likes are:

Friendship Gift[]

At around 30 Fondness, May will give you a gift directly: Ocarina (May). This gift grants extra Fondness if you have it in inventory while gifting.

Friendship Dialogue[]

5.00 Fondness[]

15.00 Fondness[]

25.00 Fondness[]

35.00 Fondness[]

45.00 Fondness[]

55.00 Fondness[]

65.00 Fondness[]

75.00 Fondness[]

85.00 Fondness[]

95.00 Fondness[]