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|gift=[[Guardsman Joey]]<br>[[General Duglas]]
|gift=[[Guardsman Joey]]<br>[[General Duglas]]
|drop=Silver Dimensional Bunny in [[Desolate Isle]]
|drop=[[Dimensional Rabbit Box#Silver Dimensional Rabbit|Silver Dimensional Rabbit]] in [[Desolate Isle]]
|craft=[[Spitflower Extract]] & [[Meat]]
|craft=[[Spitflower Extract]] & [[Meat]]

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Item Icon 0164.png
Frame Item Magic.png
Muscle Enhancer
Binds when obtained
Stack: 20
Rarity: Magic
A muscle enhancer that has been clinically proven to work. There's science behind it!
You can gift this item to an NPC.
[Gift NPC]
Guardsman Joey
General Duglas
Sell Price: ???
Obtain Information
Dropped From: Silver Dimensional Rabbit in Desolate Isle
Crafted with: Spitflower Extract & Meat