Force User


Gender: Female "Mystics go far beyond merely using the elements to inflict status ailments. They harness the very force of creation itself such as gravity and black holes to rip creatures apart, crush them mercilessly, or just whip them around to give their friends the chance to slice and dice them. The Mystic can change the tide of battle in seconds."

In PVP Mystics tend to focus on zoning and position control rather than raw damage output due to the unusual hit boxes on many of their skills and their general lack of defensive abilities. However, they can match or exceed the damage output of Elementalists once their targets are locked down hard enough for them to exploit the many 'sweet spots' in their spells and they have good crowd control of their own due to the fast-hitting nature of their void attacks.


  • Powerful blast attacks
  • Able to control large areas of enemies


Mystic Weapons:

Primary Weapon(s): Staff

Auxiliary Weapon(s): Spellbooks, Voodoo Dolls, Crystal Balls

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