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NPCs (Non-player Characters) are in-game characters that players can interact with in various ways and have unique identities, unlike most monsters. NPCs are responsible for training beginners, teaching skills, maintaining shops, and providing quests and other necessities.

General NPCs (by Town/Area)[]

These are generally accessible NPCs a player can meet without having to do the story or associated side quests. This page does not list NPCs that only appear during events, see Event NPCs instead.

Ironwood Village[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Archer Master Diana.png
Diana Archer Skill Trainer Northwest Field, north of Duncan
Warrior Master Duncan.png
Duncan Warrior Skill Trainer Northwest Field, south of Diana
Dorin Blacksmith West of the Fountain, North of Elder Harold and Lily
Merchant Delilah.png
Delilah Merchant North Northeast of the Fountain, next to Arnold
Arnold Warehouse Manager North Northeast of the Fountain, next to Delilah
Auction Manager Scrooge.png
Scrooge Marketplace Manager East of the Fountain, north of Luke and south of Bernstein
Bernstein Crest Scholar East of the Fountain, north of Scrooge
Guild Memeber Luke.png
Luke Adventurer's League member, Guild Recruitment East of the Fountain, south of Scrooge
Elder Harold.png
Elder Harold Town Elder West Southwest of the Fountain, south of Dorin, south of Lily
Lily Granddaughter of Elder Harold, younger sister of Rose West Southwest of the Fountain, south of Dorin, north of Elder Harold
Captain Steve.png
Captain Steve Captain of the Militia North of Fountain, northeast of both Duncan and Diana
Lea Conducter for the Atlantis Southeast of fountain, northeast of the Black Fluffalo
Scout Ranger Fergus.png
Fergus Tutorial Guide Tutorial Area
(Talk to Elder Harold to reach it.)
Events Guide Irine.png
Irine Event Guide Fountain in the center of town
Militia Trainee.png
Militia Trainee Members of the Militia Northwest Field, a whole bunch in a cluster
Clara's Grave.png
Clara's Grave Respectful Marker Northwest Graveyard, leftmost and farthest corner
Black Fluffalo.png
Black Fluffalo Manual Labor? South of the Fountain, southwest of Lea

Mana Ridge[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Sorceress Master Cynthia.png
Cynthia Sorceress Master North Side of town
Cleric Master Leonard.png
Leonard Cleric Master Central Town Area
Merchant Jenny.png
Jenny Merchant South side of town
Need Image.png Dunn Warehouse Manager South side of town
O'Niel Auction House Manager Northeast Houses
Need Image.png Geil Heraldry Scholar Southern Houses
Thomas Cleric North Side of town
Lilith Conducter for the Atlantis The lone NPC west of town
Events Guide Irine.png
Irine Event Guide Mana Ridge Entrance
Tara Sorceress Mana Ridge Entrance

Carderock Pass[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Archer Trainer Adeline.png
Adeline Archer Master East of Chandler
Cleric Master Germaine.png
Germaine Cleric Master North of Tiana
Tiana Sorceress Master North East Building from Bridge
Warrior Master Chandler.png
Chandler Warrior Master North Side of town
Korin Blacksmith Right hand side faceing Rupert
Merchant May.png
May Merchant West of Cleander
Bailey Heraldry Scholar South of Deckard
Rupert Warehouse Keeper North of Alfred
Alfred Auction House Manager South Side of town
Deckard Guild House Master South Side of town, East of bridge
Hubert Airship Engineer Most Eastern Point
Kevin Quest NPC South West of Hubert
Need Image.png Invisible Thief Quest NPC On top of a tent north of Wounded Elite Soldier
Ellesian Conducter for the Atlantis Northwest of the Crystal Stream entrance, southwest of the mailbox
Events Guide Irine.png
Irine Event Guide North Fountain
Wounded Elite Soldier.png
Wounded Elite Soldier NPC Guard North East Tents
Need Image.png Officer Clark NPC Guard North East Tents

Saint's Haven[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Need Image.png King Cassius III Quest NPC Saints Haven Royal Castle
Erwin Auction House Manager ?
Varnak Quest NPC ?
Loffy the Beggar.png
Loffy the Beggar ? ?
Bishop Ignacio Quest npc Saints Haven Royal Castle
Dishonest Merchant Ed ? ?
Honest Ed.png
Dishonest Merchant Pero Daily: Goddess Teardrops ?

Lotus Marsh[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Warrior Trainer Pedro.png
Warrior Trainer Pedro Warrior Trainer South-West
Sorceress Trainer Marisala.png
Sorceress Trainer Marisala Sorceress Trainer South
Archer Trainer Ajari.png
Archer Trainer Ajari Archer Trainer South-West
Cleric Trainer Johan.png
Cleric Trainer Johan Cleric Trainer South-West
Hernandez Crest Scholar South-East
Kiwi Repairs & Donations East
Morin Blacksmith West of Kiwi
Zampa Storage Keeper South
Hendrick Aristocrat West
Jose Leaguemaster South-East
Kasarana Leader ?
Gerrant the Poochum.png
Gerrant the Poochum Hearth Ornament... ?
Sidel Sorceress ?
Lord Elmscrook.png
Lord Elmscrook Walking Stick ?
Matron Bristlebane.png
Matron Bristlebane Sweeper-Upper ?
Zulie Troublemaker ?
Easy Pete.png
Easy Pete Goddess Teardrop Shop East

Other NPCs[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
David Quest npc Quest Activated
Argenta Quest npc Chapter 3-Ashen Ruins, Chapter 4-Black Mountain Foothills, Chapter 6-Kasarana's Hut