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Old Hobbus

A hobgoblin, formerly known as Old Gobbus. He transformed into a Hobgoblin upon hearing that his grandchildren were kidnapped, transformed into monsters, and killed in order to claim vengeance. Unlike his grandchildren, Hobbus seemed to contain his sanity and did not attack the player.

Elena, Old Hobbus, and his Poochum

He was later seen in Chapter 3: Red-Eyed Dark Elf in the quest The Blessed Stone where Elena turned into a Shade as a result of her own poison. Old Hobbus fought alongside the player and saved his/her life by plunging into the forest from the stage with Elena along with his Poochum. His, his Poochum's and Elena's fate is unknown, but they are presumed dead.

If the player does not complete Gobbus's quests, Hobbus will not appear and attack Elena.