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Old Maury's Farm loading screen

Old Maury's Farm is the town for purchasing all Farming, Fishing, and Cooking related needs. A Marketplace is present, as well as Storage. The entrance to the Public Farm can also be found here. Old Maury's Farm can be accessed during completion of Irine's Farming for Fun and Profit quest. To travel to Old Maury's Farm, under Channels, go to Farm and select a channel to enter.


Icon Meaning
NPC Icon.png Maury
Dungeon Icon.png Public Farm
Auction Icon.png Cox [Marketplace]
Storage Icon.png Mose [Store Items]
Mailbox Icon.png Mailbox

Old Maury's Farm.png

List of NPCs[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Cox Marketplace East Field
Maury Cooking, Farming, Fishing vendor Northwest Field
Mose Storage Center