Dragon Nest Wiki
  Dark Memories (v317)  • 8/14/2013
  Furious Mezzanine 3F
  Gateway of Memories
  Costume Synthesizer/Hybrid system
  Oasis Costume Set
  Revamped Dragon Vault
  NX Equipment category added to Marketplace

  v311  • 7/24/2013
  Reduced number of channels in town to 5
  Server adjustments
  Removal of Dark Weapon Coupon
  Fixed bug where Sacred Hammering reduced caster's magic damage
  Fixed bug where game crashes when using Summon Puppet

  Face the Inferno (v310)  • 7/17/2013
  Typhoon Krag and Professor K Nest Hell
  Typhoon Krag and Professor K Solo and Practice
  Crazy Summer Event
  Marine costume set
  Dual Skill Build added as a Dragon Vault item
  2 new skill slots
  Reduced Cooldown for Suffix III equipment

  Open Beta Update Notes  • 7/26/2011
  Higher Level Cap and Class Specialization
  Achievement System
  Guild System
  NPC Friendship System
  Crafting, Enhancement, and Extraction
  Dragon Vault
  Empowerment System
  Pro Bonus