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Public Farm loading screen

The Public Farm is the field where Farming and Fishing are performed. Additionally, ingredients harvested from farming are sent directly to Maury's Storage at the center of the map, where they can be subsequently picked up. These items are stored for 15 days. There are four fishing holes, with different catchable fish at each location. There are also four public farm plots and one private farm plot. There are 168 public farm plots per channel and are shared by all players in the game. As the public aspect suggests, players can help water or harvest each other's plants. However, it is possible for all the plots to be in use, preventing further seeds from being planted until one is harvested. The private farm plot however always appears available to the player. The Public Farm can be accessed by first entering Old Maury's Farm channel and heading north.


Icon Meaning
Storage Icon.png Maury
NPC Icon.png Fishing Holes
10px‎ Farm Plots

Public Farm Map.png

List of NPCs[]

List of NPCs[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Maury Farm Storage Center

Ironwood Village Thumb.png
Ironwood Village
Mana Ridge Thumb.png
Mana Ridge
Carderock Pass Thumb.png
Carderock Pass
Saint's Haven Thumb.png
Saint's Haven
Lotus Marsh Thumb.png
Lotus Marsh
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