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Hi all, flaixman here ^^

I've begun to play DN recently, and I find this page, so I would like to contribute to this. Nowadays, I'm recording all the dungeons that are in the Dragon Nest (I'm still level 20, but... I've got lots of videos), and I'll like to put the dungeon video in the description of every dungeon, but I'm still a bit new in this.

Is there any way to put the link in order to show directly a window of the video instead of having to click on in to redirect to youtube? I'll be a good idea for the users.

But anyway, I'll continue recording untill you answer me.

Thanks ^^

Hiya, flaixman. I'm AKAAkira.
Yes, there's a way to directly put videos in here - Template:Youtube. And I agree, your idea's probably better than what I've been doing so far, though only if the base spawns are the same for all runs (which I believe it is).
I think it necessitates some conditions though. For instance, I'm aiming to emulate Wikipedia's style - that is, objective and neutral tones on articles. So I don't really want this wiki - at least, not for the main pages - to be used as a way to gain fame. That would mean turning off player names (if it's possible in Dragon Nest, I haven't found the option yet) or blurring out player names in the video.
It would also mean the videos' sole focus should be on the dungeon itself - for example, giving clear shots of all entering mobs, not dilly-dallying by picking up loot or treasure chests, letting the boss demonstrate all of its moves before killing it (which may merit having a separate video for the boss itself).
Alternatively, you could just stash all of your videos in a sub-page under your username, which would remove all concerns for objectivity I would've had if they had been placed on the main pages. They won't be as visible, though.
If either of the methods are fine with you, then go on ahead and try them out. If you think my conditions are over-the-top, or have an entirely different idea altogether, I'm open to suggestions and discussions. Either way, if you have questions, I'll answer them to the best of my abilities.
See you around. -Akira 22:56, 10 May 2012 (UTC)