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Poor kid.png
NPC Name Robinson
Gender Male
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace.png
Occupation None
Location Saint's Haven

Robinson is an impoverished kid that King Cassius III discovered near the castle. King Cassius III was shocked by his resemblance and he decided to co-operate with Robinson, Guardsman Donald, and the player to visit the dungeons around Saint's Haven. King Cassius III takes great care of Robinson and they became fast friends.

Robinson uses his looks to dress up as the King and acts as him as the King visits the dungeons. King Cassius III sends him food as a sign of friendship and gratitude.

Later, Donald revealed his plan to steal the throne to Robinson, and Robinson refuse to co-operate with Donald and reveals all the details to the player. The player warns King Cassius III to wait while s/he confronts Donald. Eventually Donald realized that his plan was revealed so he ran away.

King Cassius III was grateful towards Robinson and decided to anoint him as a Knight. Robinson then vowed to train in swordplay and then return to serve the young King.