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New Saint's Haven loading screen.

Saint's Haven is the capital city, where the king and the royal castle is located at. It is bordered by Black Mountain Path in the west and Port Hermalte in the south, with access to Arendel and Liverwort Marina from the east and south gates respectively. The minimum level to enter is level 24, and is where most of the quests for 24-39 and 50 onwards can be picked up.

At level 40, players may head over to Lotus Marsh to pick up additional quests for 40-50.


Icon Meaning
NPC Icon.png NPC
Portal Icon.png Portal
Warrior Icon.png Warrior Skill Trainer
Archer Icon.png Archer Skill Trainer
Cleric Icon.png Cleric Skill Trainer
Sorceress Icon.png Sorceress Skill Trainer
Auction Icon.png Auction House
Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith
Trade Icon.png General Shop
Storage Icon.png Storage Keeper
Scholar Icon.png Scholar
Guild Icon.png Guild Manager
Commission Board Icon.png Commission Board
Mailbox Icon.png Mailbox
Ticketer Icon.png Ticketer
Royal GuardRoyal GuardRoyal GuardRoyal GuardRoyal GuardGuardsman JoeyRoyal GuardRoyal GuardRoyal GuardRoyal GuardLoffy the BeggarHonest EdIrineMagician SandersGoblinidasFlapjackShaggy KidGuardsman RoyRoyal GuardBlack Mountain FoothillsRoyal CastleRoyal CastleDaredevil FaireHermalte PortMerchant KellyMailboxDeanCommission BoardStashyGuntherTicketerRussellErwinSorceress Trainer StellaArcher Trainer IsillienWarrior Trainer RodrigoCleric Trainer EnochBlacksmith BelinWalterCommission BoardMailboxSaint's Haven.png

List of NPCs[]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Cleric Trainer Enoch Cleric Trainer South-west
Sorceress Trainer Stella Sorceress Trainer South-west
Warrior Trainer Rodrigo Warrior Trainer South-west
Archer Trainer Isillien Archer Trainer South-west
Honest Ed.png
Honest Ed Merchant of Abyss and Alliance shops South
Erwin Auction Manager South
Loffy the Beggar.png
Loffy the Beggar Beggar South of Erwin
Belin Blacksmith South-east
Guardsman Joey Quest giver South of castle
Gunther Guild Master North-west
Stashy Heraldry Scholar North-east
Events Guide Irine.png
Irine Events Guide South fountain
Kelly General Merchant North-east
Russell Storage Keeper Town Square
Dean Storage Keeper North-east
Walter Storage Keeper South-west

Ironwood Village Thumb.png
Ironwood Village
Mana Ridge Thumb.png
Mana Ridge
Carderock Pass Thumb.png
Carderock Pass
Saint's Haven Thumb.png
Saint's Haven
Lotus Marsh Thumb.png
Lotus Marsh
Fields Shadow Forest Frost Hill Ashen Ruins Black Mountain Path Liverwort Marina
Gale Woods Snowmelt Forest Autumn Shore Port Hermalte
Crystal Stream