Saint Haven

Saint Haven (outside)

Saint's Haven is one of the towns in the game Dragon Nest. It is accessible to players above Level 24, and where all Lv. 24-40 and 50+ quests are located. Currently ruled by the young King Cassius III, and residence of the royal family; Saint Haven is the capital city of the Northern Kingdom.

The town is where you can access the Garden of Eternity and Royal Castle.


Saint Haven has been the official residence of the Cassius dynasty; and has its origins as early as the Black Dragon Raid. 50 years ago, during the reign of the Cassius I the Knight King, the Black Dragon raised an army that threatened the world of Altera. Gerrant gathered and led the Six Heroes, which included Velskud of the Saint Haven Royal Army. Saint Haven became the center of resistance, and was assaulted by the forces of Elena which was repelled by the forces of Argenta in the conflict.

After the event, Saint Haven , now at peace, has expanded and established relations with other towns such as Lotus Marsh.


  • Kelly
  • Gunther
  • Erwin
  • Guardsman Joey
  • Loffy the Beggar
  • Belin
  • Russell

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