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Harori / Seliana

Seliana is a famous elven teen idol. She has a servant named Nye Nye. Many NPCs are her fans and as a result there are a number of gift items bearing her name:

Known fans include:

Despite her wide renown, to date she is entirely a background character and unlike the equally famous Six Heroes of The Dragon Raid. She did not appear in game until the expansion of Lotus Marsh.


Seliana presents herself as an adorable, cheerful, and energetic girl, but the presence of her servant Nye Nye revealed her cruel nature.

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven[]

Seliana first appeared when Nye Nye sent the player to West Ancient Armory. She moved to Riverwort Marina and Nye Nye ran away in fear. Seliana commissioned the player to perform several tasks for her.


  • Seliana appears as a major NPC in the more advanced Asian versions.
  • She has had a change of voice actress in the Japanese version, with both her VAs being real life celebrities.