Dragon Nest Wiki

Since 12 September 2013, Dragon Nest NA has used only a single server, Kalahan. Here is the official announcement. The remaining information in this section is now only of historic interest.

A server is a computer system that holds all the game information and allows the player to interact with the world. For games with multipler servers, when starting out each player has the option to pick a server to play on. Players want to play on another server have to create a new character, as characters and items on one server cannot be transferred to a different server.

Prior to the merger, there were five servers in the North American game.

Two West Coast Servers:

Two East Coast Servers:

And a recent new Server:

  • Leviatha


Each server has many channels, and each channel displays how busy it is. Ordered from least busy to most busy, channel statuses are:

  • Fair
  • Normal
  • Busy
  • Full

There are some channels that are used for special locations.

  • The channels under the Arena tab leads to PvP Arena
  • The channel "Farm" leads to the Farm