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Shadow Forest Outskirts Loading Screen.jpg
Dungeon Name Shadow Forest Outskirts
Location Shadow Forest
Level Range 1 ~ 3
Difficulties Available Easy, Normal, Hard, Master
Number of Rooms 3

First dungeon for Warriors and Archers. Called Shadow Forest Trail in SEA version.

Dungeon Summary

• Easy •

Recommended Level 1
Recommended Party Size 1
EXP Gained Experience
Money Reward Gold 4 Silver 25 Copper
Need Icon.png

Weapon/Armor (Magic)

Onyx Fragment.png

Onyx Fragment









Shadow Forest Outskirts Boss.png
Boss Name: Cinder Gurrbakk
Level HP
Species Orc Movement Speed Normal
Amount Spawned Element
Neutral Element.png Neutral

Monster Spawns


Story Quests

An Orc and His Map
Obtained From Objective Reward
Captain Steve Speak to Timothy in Shadow Forest Outskirts
500 Experience
0 Gold 1 Silver 0 Copper

Scattered Clues
Obtained From Objective Reward
Militiaman Timothy Collect 6 Map Pieces 1x Prelude Gloves (Warrior Only)

1x Prelude Mittens (Archer Only)
1600 Experience
0 Gold 1 Silver 20 Copper

Side Quests

Super Slop
Obtained From Objective Reward
Merchant Delilah Collect 10 Poochum Chow from Poochums 2x Beginner HP Potion
248 Experience
0 Gold 3 Silver 19 Copper

Commission Board Quests

Obtained From Objective Reward


Empowerment Consumption (Total)

Dungeon Map