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NPC Name Sidel
Gender Male
Alliance None No Alliance
Occupation Aspiring Sorceress
Location Lotus Marsh

Sidel is a sorcerer residing in Lotus Marsh.

Sidel is the brother of Marisala and the apprentice of Kasarana. He befriended Zulie, a Native girl, who lost her life to Kalahan. He has been named the leader of the Astral Coven after the passing of Kasarana.

Background[ | ]

"As the first boy sorceress in 50 years, Sidel's doing his best to live up to sorceress ideals, but he just can't seem to master the insults, the dress code, or the snark. But he's not giving up, and he's practicing on you."

Kasarana noticed Sidel's incredible power and talent in the magical arts. Despite the fact that the Astral Coven is an entirely female school, she decided to take Sidel under her wing and to watch over him.

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven[ | ]

Sidel was first found looking for Zulie. She distrusted humans but is friendly with Sidel. Sidel also pointed out that Zulie seem to antagonize Kasarana. Later when Zulie introduced Kalahan to Sidel, he suspected that Kalahan was a bad man and tried to convince Zulie to avoid him, but she trusts Kalahan over Sidel.

Charti end

Passing of Zulie

Kalahan revealed the location of the captured Natives and Sidel became suspicious about how he got hold of that information. He followed Zulie and Kalahan to rescue them and noticed that they were poisoned by the Black Dragon's blood. He recognized that Kasarana and the player both suffered the same poison which he finds suspicious. Sidel witnessed Kalahan as he brewed the cure for the poison and learned to brew it as well.

Sidel witnessed the passing of Zulie's grandfather and he followed her and Kalahan to the room which housed the Green Dragon's lustre. Kalahan revealed his true intention and attempted to steal the lustre. Sidel shot a ball of magic at Kalahan which caused him to drop the lustre. Zulie then picked up the lustre and she turned into a monster. Sidel later discovered Zulie and she explained that Kalahan had extracted the lustre from her. She died in his arms.

Chapter 7: Succession[ | ]

Sidel wanted revenge and found and attacked Kalahan. Sidel was soundly defeated and he was discovered by Velskud. He then requested for the player's help to brew the cure for the poison to cure the rest of the Natives. Sidel heard about Kalahan's whereabouts from the player and decided to steal Kasarana's scroll of magic to learn more spells and to attack Kalahan again. Kasarana noticed his theft and followed him. They were soundly defeated.

Eventually, Kasarana succumbed to the poison. She recognized Sidel's empathy for the plight of the Natives and named him the next leader of the Astral Coven.

Sidel & Kalahan

Sidel faces off against Kalahan

Chapter 8: Faded Glory[ | ]

Sidel arranged the funeral of Kasarana. He also sent his regards to the Natives who are mourning the passing of Zulie. Sidel heard that Kalahan was destroying the 4 totems that sealed the Green Dragon's power. Sidel and his fellow Sorceresses Marisala, Lady Kaylinn, Stella, Tiana, Cynthia, and Tara attacked Kalahan at Wayward Shore. Kalahan managed to destroy the last totem there and turned into the Green Dragon.

Sidel requested the player's aid to create a device to penetrate Kalahan's Nest and for Kalahan's defeat.