Dragon Nest Wiki
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Arcane Overdrive.png
Arcane Overdrive Active Concentrates MP for a set period and greatly increases Magic Attack Strength at the cost of significant MP consumption. Beam Tempest Level 1 45
Linear Ray +.png
Linear Ray + Passive Strengthens Linear Ray by charging energy until the Regular Attack Button is clicked, ultimately increasing the Attack Strength. Linear Ray Level 11 47
Laser Cutter.png
Laser Cutter Active Summons laser that drops vertically from the sky. Laser slowly moves toward the front. Arcane Overdrive Level 1 50
Nine Tail Laser +.png
Nine Tail Laser + Passive Strengthens Nine Tail Laser, increasing damage and adds 3 additional lasers that fire straight ahead. Nine Tail Laser Level 1
Linear Ray + Level 1
Force Mirror +.png
Force Mirror + Passive Increases the summoning speed of Force Mirror and allows the mirror to deal damage to nearby enemies. Force Mirror Level 1 60

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