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Gender: Female "Known as a child prodigy among magicians hated and despised by humans, the Sorceress was expected to become the greatest of her kind. Instead of bringing peace and prosperity to the land though, she turned her back on her destiny and lost herself in gambling. Now she battles monsters to collect the gold to pay off her gambling debts while being unaware that destiny is not so easily thwarted."


  • Medium ranged spells.
  • Can move while using their basic attack.
  • Can inflict a variety of status ailments.

Sorceress Weapons:

Primary Weapon(s): Staff  The Staff is considered to be an auxiliary weapon by the game and carries traits of an auxiliary weapon.

Auxiliary Weapon(s): Spellbooks, Orbs, Puppets

  • The Sorceress attacks an enemy with a Spellbooks by smacking it. Spellbooks provide Mana Regeneration.
  • Orbs attack enemies by spinning around the Sorceress. Orbs provide additional critical rate.
  • The Sorceress attacks an enemy with a Puppet by summoning the ghost that inhabits the puppet. Puppets increases maximum Mana.

The Sorceress is one of the available beginner classes in the game Dragon Nest. It is considered to be of Intermediate difficulty. At level 15 it branches into Elementalist and Mystic.

She can hone her skills at level 15 where she can choose from two different jobs:

Elemental Lord- Uses Fire and Ice magic. A very powerful DPS job.

Force User- Uses Dark, Light, and Time. Can control large mobs of enemies.