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NPC Name Sorceress Trainer Marisala
Gender Female
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League
Occupation Sorceress Trainer
Location Lotus Marsh

Marisala is the sorceress trainer of Lotus Marsh. She is the sister of Sidel and a disciple of Kasarana. Marisala is a skilled sorceress and potion brewer but a horrible cook. She dreams to be a housewife and tries her best to improve her cooking.

Background[ | ]

"What does Marisala hate most about the swamp? Everything! And she incessantly complains about it, too...when she's not forcing her latest culinary [sic]"

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven[ | ]

Initially Marisala requests for the player's help to collect ingredients to cook. The player also has the unfortunate role of tasting her cooking. Later when Pedro discovered a strange novel, Marisala revealed that it was a romance novel written by Kasarana. She explained the story behind it and begged the player to keep it secret.

Later, Marisala decided to cook Kasarana's original Poochum Chow to feed Gerrant the Poochum. She realized that Gerrant started talking back when it was fed the chow the first time and discovered that it could bring inanimate objects to life and decided to research further into it. Chatterbox Book Doctor noticed Marsiala's actions and ordered her to quit it for fear of causing more trouble.

Friendship[ | ]

Unlock friendship with Marisala by completing the quest Real Game Now

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