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NPC Name Sorceress Trainer Stella
Gender Female
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation Sorceress Skill Trainer
Location Saint's Haven

Saint Haven's sorceress trainer by way of Lotus Marsh, known for being remarkably good-natured (for a sorceress). Her bizarre experiments and unusual gardening practices have made her less than popular with her neighbors, though.

Stella owns several plots of land and she attempts to cultivate dangerous Spitflowers with the help of the player. Eventually, Rodrigo noticed and was shocked at the amount of Spitflowers concentrated in one area outside of Desolate Isle so close to Saint's Haven that he commissions the player to obtain Bashy's Special Ointment kill them off. Stella was devastated by her loss and she gave up on agriculture.
Stella still harbors vengeance for the perpetrator though she does not know who he or she is.

Stella was initially responsible for managing the minutes of the Sorceress meetings, but she shirked the responsibility and it eventually landed on Tara.

Stella is a big fan of Kasarana of the Six Heroes.


To befriend Sorceress Trainer Stella, you must finish the quest Flower Garden Guardian.

Gifing Stella raises Aversion for Cleric Trainer Enoch, and Fondness for Tara.

  • gives giftable NX

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