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Swordsman is a subclass of the Warrior class. Their primary weapon is the Greatsword. The Swordsman can deal a lot of combo damage; they thrive at the front line.


Icon Name Required Skill Required Char Level Required Weapon
Triple Slash Heavy Slash (Lv 3) 15 Sword

Charge forward, wielding a weapon. Click the attack key to wield 3 times at most.

Moon Light Splitter

Bow Wave (Lv 3) 15 Sword

Wield a sword quickly at the original position and unleash sword power to the front enemy.


Moon Light Splitter (Lv 2)

18 Sword

Go round a circle rapidly and then attack nearby enemies.

Forward Thrust

Aerial Combo (Lv 2)

21 Sword

Take one step back and then instantly rush forward to the nearby enemy, wielding a weapon. After penetrating the enemy, click the attack key to wield the long sword again.

Cyclone Slash

Eclipse (Lv 2+)

21 Sword

Wield the weapon to unleash the cyclone-like sword power to nearby enemies.

Hacking Stance

Deep Straight (Lv 3+)

27 Sword

Hold a pose of drawing a sword quickly. Each time click the attack key to quicken the speed of wielding the sword.

Crecent Cleave

Cyclone Slash (Lv 3)

27 Sword

Condense power on a vertical sword and then unleash mighty sword power to the front by wielding the sword forcefully.

Frenzied Charge

Hacking Stance (Lv 3)

32 Sword

Congregate impact power and rush forward instantly by 10 meters to chop at the enemy with a sword. The target will be driven to the sky.

Parrying Stance

Counter Wave (Lv 3)

32 Sword

Increase the success rate of dodge for a while. No damage will be produced if dodging successfully.

Half Moon Slash

Crecent Cleave (Lv 3) 32 Sword

After congregating power in the stance of drawing a sword, unleash mighty sword power to the front.


- 35 Sword

Chop at the opponent laterally and penetrate it from the original wound to reduce the opponent’s defense for a certain time.


- 15 Sword

Have a chance to avoid the opponent's attack while not in the offensive state. No damage when dodging successfully.

Aerial Combo

Triple Slash (Lv 2) 18 Sword

Double hit the attack key in the air and wield a sword three times to launch attacks.

Dash Slash

Charge (Lv 2)

17 Sword

Click the attack key while charging forward to wield a sword to attack enemies from all sides.

Counter Slash

Parrying (Lv 3)

21 Sword

Click the common attack key to strike back rapidly by using a sword after dodging successfully.

Counter Wave

Counter Slash (Lv 3) 27 Sword

Click the special attack key to rush upward and unleash the sword power after dodging successfully.

Dash Combo

Charge Strike (Lv 4) 29 Sword

After using Charge Strike, click the attack key to pull the enemy nearer and then push it to the sky.

Counter Exile

- 32 Sword

Click the common attack key while being attacked in the air to roll and give off X-shaped sword power.

Infinity Edge

Line Drive (Lv 3)

40 Sword

Gallop forward after gathering power and then launch attacks by wielding a sword for many times.

Great Wave

Half Moon Slash (Lv 3)

40 Sword

Wield a sword upwards and unleash explosive sword power to the front.

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