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Type: {{{type}}}
Rarity: {{{rarity}}}
Base Stats (Lowest possible)
Sell Price: {{{sell}}}
Obtain Information


|title=Name of the equip. Default pagename. Use if, for some reason, the page name isn't the name of the equipment.
|image=Icon image, use format <Class>_<Type>_### ("?" Icon by default)
(For a list of available image icons or renders please take a look at Category:Equipment Icons
(http://www.dragonnestwiki.com/Category:Equipment_Icons or Category:Equipment_Images) )
|image2=If there is an other icon for the same equipment
|screenshot=Image of the equipment (Uses <image>_View_1.png by default)
|screemshot=If there is an other icon for the same equipment
|bind=yes (no by default)
|unbind=Number of times this can be unbinded.
|enhance=no (yes by default)(rings, earrings and necklaces default to no)
|level req=Level required to use (Hidden by default)
|class=Class restricted to (Hidden by default)
|type=Gloves, Gauntlet, Leg Armor, Greatsword, etc.
|rarity=Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic or Unique
|durability=Normal durability of the equipment (Hidden by default)
|stats=Stats of the equip
|addition=Other additional stats that are not in base version. Use bullets (*).
|desc=If there is a description (Hidden by default)
|set items=All set items (Hidden by default)
|set bonus=All set bonuses (Hidden if |set item is unused)
|sell=Price given by the NPC (Refer to Template:Price)
|extract=If the equipment extracts anything (Hidden if none)
|drop=Drop list (Not yet complete)(Hidden by default)
|buy=NPCs selling the item (Hidden by default)
|buyprice=Price given by NPC (Hidden by default)
|tradeprice=If you need to trade items to get it (Hidden by default)
|craft=If the equipment can be crafted (Hidden by default)
|quest=Quests where the equip can be obtained (Hidden by default)
|notes=Any other notes to add (Hidden by default)(Broken)
|category=If the item is in a special category(Uses type by default)

Basic: Copy-paste this to have the minimum variables to make this template

|level req=