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For a template on Equipments, please refer to Template:Equipment.

Stack: 20
Rarity: {{{rarity}}}
You can gift this item to an NPC.
[Gift NPC]
Sell Price: {{{sell}}}
Obtain Information


|title=Name of the item (page name by default)
|image=Icon image (title.png by default)
|frame=Put in 'n' if you would like to disable the frame
|bind=yes (no by default)
|indestruct=yes (no by default)
|nx=yes (not necessarily bought items; no by default)
|unbind=times you can unbind the item(Hidden by default)
|questname=if the item was given from a quest OR the name of the quest using the item if type=quest
|stack=Number of times the item can fit in one inventory slot (20 by default)
|class=Class restricted to (hidden by default)
|level req=Level required to use (hidden by default)
|cooldown=Primarly used by potions (hidden by default)
|rarity=Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic or Unique
|type=Gift, Potion, Craft, etc. (hidden by default or for loot, quest and other)
|typecolor=If the type color's isn't the default blue
|desc=The description of the item
|sell=Price given by the NPC (Refer to Template:Price). If it's unsellable, put 'no'.
|drop=Drop list (Not yet complete)(hidden by default)
|dropimg=Image link (blank by default)
|buy=NPCs selling the item (hidden by default)
|buyprice=Price given by NPC, or if in Dragon Vault, how much NX the item is priced at (hidden by default)
|tradeprice=If you need to trade items to get it (hidden by default)
|craft=If the item can be obtained from a craft
|notes=Any other notes to add (hidden by default)
|category=If the item is a in special category(don't use to use default)

The following depends on the type entered above:

If potion:
|restriction=If any restrictions (shows in red)(hidden by default)
The effects should be under |desc=

If gift:
|gift=Gift NPCs

If plate:
|platecraft=Item crafted (?)
|need=Lustre(s) needed
|desc=Becomes redundant, no need to use.

If crest:
|skill=The skill affected
|stat=The stat affected
|change=The degree of change (increased/decreased by *number* if not |creststat; Increases/Decreases if it is)
|creststat=If infobox has stats layout similar to weapons, and not in the desc.
|desc=Becomes redundant, no need to use.

If lustre:
|lustre=Text written in pink under description

If spell book:
|requirement=Skills required and SP needed

If exchange item: (Do not confuse with exchangeable)
|reward=Description part listed in yellow

If exchangeable: (Do not confuse with exchange item)
Don't forget to:
-Add "orange" or "#FA4" to |typecolor=
-Wrap, where needed, <span style="color:#FF0;"> and </span> in |desc=

If entry pass:
|dungeon=List dungeon (without square brackets)

If quest:
|questname=name of the quest using the item
→If type is shown use "Quest" (with capitalized Q)

If other
|other=Text shown under description, if type is none of the above

If loot, type is hidden

If |nx=yes:
|expiry=days before expiring (only for nx items)
|buyprice=turns into NX price, if it has one

Basic: Copy-paste this to have the minimum variables to make this template