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Species Health Mov. Speed Element
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Combat Tips



|name= Name of monster
|image= Name of monster image. If the picture follows the format "File:<Name>.png". Otherwise, put in image name and extention.
|species= Species of monster (goblin, dark elf, ect)
|hp= If monster generally has high health, put "High", if monster generally has low health, put "Low". If if has an average amount, put "Moderate".
|speed= Speed of monster. Put "Fast", "Slow" or "Normal". Fast= Faster than player walking speed. Normal= Fast as player walking speed. Slow= Slower than player walking speed.
|element= Element of monster. (Fire, Dark, ect. Put "Neutral" if none.)
|dungeons= Each dungeon monster is found in, remember to link to the dungeon's page!
|attacks= Different types of attacks monster has. Organize different attacks by using bullets.
|tips= Tips to help defeat monster/avoid it's attacks. Organize different tips by using bullets.

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To Add

  • Ranks (Regular mob, Elite, Mid Boss, Boss)
  • Prefixes (Example: Catacombs Vampire Bat)