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Icon Skill Type Element Price
Need Image.png
[[File:{{{element}}} Element.png|22px]] {{{element}}}
{{{gold}}} Gold {{{silver}}} Silver {{{copper}}} Copper




Obtaining the Skill


  • {{{requisite}}}





|image= Skill icon image name, png only!
|category= Active Skill/Passive Skill
|gold= gold needed to obtain skill
|silver= silver needed to obtain skill
|copper= copper needed to obtain skill
|element= if the skill has an element. If not, use 'Neutral'. Elements include: Ice, Light, Dark, Fire.
|element2= This will have to be manually input; If there's a second element, do the same thiing as you would for element. |video= 11 character video URL from YouTube(YouTube only!!) Get the last 11 characters from the end of the video url.
(Example: For "youtube.com/watch?v=zHyfEvM6zlE" You would use "zHyfEvM6zlE". NOT the entire URL.)
|description= Description of the skill
|details= Further details about the skill go here
|obtain= Method to obtain skill
|requisite= Prerequisites to obtain the skill. Make bulleted list!
|rank= Use Template:Skillheader and Template:Skill in that order. See below for details on use.

Copy & paste the code below to any skill page



Key (For Skill Header)
|effect= The skill's effect (Ex. Physical Damage per Arrow, Critical Chance Increase)
|duration= *
|mana= *
|cooldown= *
|casstime= *
(*) These fields are optional, as they may not exist for your skill. If so, put in "none" ("|duration=none" if there is no skill duration). Leave them there otherwise.
Note that the actual values for each rank of the skill are to be put in the skill template below.


Key (For Skill Template)
|rank= Rank number that the row applies to.
|sp= How many SP is required to rank the skill.
|effect= Effects the skill gives you at that certain level.
|level= Level required to rank it to this rank. If no level is required (obtained upon character creation), leave the field blank.
|duration= How long the skill lasts (if it's a buff) (Format: 4.5, 15, etc (It'll appear as '4.5s', '15s' by default)).*
|mana= How much mana is consumed each time the skill is cast (Skills go by % of Base MP, so it should be written as "|mana=20", % of Base MP is included in the template).*
|cooldown= Amount of time before the skill is reusable (Format: 4.5, 15, etc (It'll appear as '4.5s', '15s' by default)).*
|casttime= Amount of time it takes to cast the skill (Format: 4.5, 15, etc (It'll appear as '4.5s', '15s' by default)).*
(*) If there is no duration, mana cost, cast time or cooldown, delete the line. Leaving "|duration=" with no field will leave a cell with no space rather than no cell at all.
Use this code as many times as necessary for the table (Just paste it over and over again).