Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name Thomas
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Templar Knight
Location Mana Ridge

Thomas is the Captain of the Templar Knights and is responsible for the escort of the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb. When the Staff and Orb was stolen by the Dragon Cultists, the player must turn to him for assistance to retrieve the objects. It is also through him that both he and the player discovers there are Dragon Cultists hiding among the Templar Knights.

Thomas gives Clerics access to their skill trees.


Thomas is the opposite side of the Cleric coin with respect to Leonard; whereas the latter is crude and loves to swear and boast his head off, Thomas goes out of his way to minimize the effects of crude language onto innocents, subsituting derogatory phrases for his own milder ones such as "poke them[evil] with a sharp stick" or "give a very hard slap on their hands".

Just like Lenonard, however, he is fiercely loyal to the Clerics' cause, determined to work with the player to set things right.


"Justice and faith are the pillers of our order!" ~ chat start

"Those monsters.. deserve a poke.. with a sharp stick." ~ chat start

"How can I help you?" ~ chat start

"Never lose faith." ~ chat end

"Go forth, and SPANK those MONSTERS! ... Spank? That can't be right.." ~ chat end

"Conviction will be your guide." ~ chat end

"The sorceress are acting.. very.. not nice." ~ chat end