Titles are earned by clearing dungeons, completing quests, or other events in the game. In addition to appearing beside a player's name, titles may also grant attributes. Titles can be viewed or edited by opening the Character Info window and clicking the Titles button under the player name.

A player can select a Display title to appear before the player name, and an Attribute title to grant the player attributes. The Display and Attribute titles do not have to be the same title.


Some titles are grouped together as "Collections". You can view these groups under the Collection tab in the Titles window. If a player obtains every title in the collection, they will be granted a new title as a reward.

Rookie Titles

Completing this collection grants the Urban Hipster title.

  • Whatever
  • Neophyte
  • Completionist
  • Rookie
  • Rapid
  • Thunder Swallower
  • Cloth Chaser

Common Titles

Completing this collection grants the Almost Won the Lotto title.

  • Lucky
  • Strong Hearted
  • Minus's hand
  • Scrooge
  • Sharp Dresser
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