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Introduction and Information[ | ]

If you're working on templates, then use colors from the Guideline. Also, read the Templates section of the guideline as well. If you're unsure if it's a good template or not, use the IRC and talk to find out our opinions on it.

Remember, anyone can edit this list. If you want to add information but you aren't sure/you're too scared to edit anything, just use the Infodump!

Please italicize finished tasks so that staff members may review them to make sure they're up to standard. To italicize text, add two apostrophes ( ' ) before and after the text.

Wiki Tasks[ | ]

Things to Fix[ | ]

Please go here: Renaming Incorrect Content

  • Put in missing information in some pages and fix the translations!
  • Add Skills to their correct categories.
  • Replace old skill videos.

Other Things[ | ]

  • Add missing information for skills
  • Add NPCs, maps, monsters, bosses, quests
  • Add game system info such as party, controls, titles, etc
  • Update Wiki to match Lv 70 Content
    • Saint's Haven Map
    • Arendel
    • All of the new dungeons
    • New Nests/Raids
    • Lv 70 skills for all classes
    • New NPCs

List of Templates to make

  • Think of some D:
    • A future content template and an outdated template would be useful Dremvolaas (talk) 20:53, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

In-Game Tasks[ | ]

  • Level Experience requirements.
  • Fix Descriptions.
  • Rename items to proper names.
  • Get actual cost of skills. (Money-wise)
  • Update skill data to new skill system