Dragon Nest Wiki

As Dragon Nest is an overseas MMO there is a surplus of Upcoming Content, or unreleased patches that add to the game. As updates are added in South Korea first (where the game is located); the team at Nexon is hard at work translating and adding the patches into the game.

The majority of content is added into the game via Patches. After the game is patched (which is proceeded by a long maintenance period) the new content is available immediately, so long as your character meets the requirements.

For extra information on new and upcoming stuff, see here

New Classes[]

One of the biggest additions coming to the game is the set of new classes. Each Secondary class is getting another two choices to pick from. This will allow players to further customize their characters, and adds a total of 16 new classes to the game.

There is news of the Assassin class that is to be released at the same time with the level 70 cap.

New Dungeons and New Nests[]

In the future, new dungeons will be released as well. The newer ones will again move with the level cap, and will be the "end game" for players again.

There will also be new Nests; which are very powerful dungeons. Currently there are eight: Minotaur, Cerberus, Manticore, Apocalypse, Sea Dragon, Archbishop Nest, Titan Nest, and Green Dragon Nest. New ones expected include Professor K and Typhoon Krag to be released at 60 cap. A new raid, Desert Dragon Nest is expected to arrive afterwards.

There will also be five new mutant-themed dungeons at 60 cap. They are: Mutant's Habitat, Meteor Crash Site Boundaries, Shadow of Evil Spirit, Meteor Crash Site Core, and Encroached Temple Ruins. CDN and KDN will likely get 70 cap in a few months.

New Towns[]

With new content and a higher level cap comes a new town. Currently, there is no new town per se, but Saint's Haven does get revamped with the level cap raised to 70.