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Based upon the Saint's Haven preview by Nexon and possibly forum posts by Alteris -- info subject to change between now and release of the patch.


Information found in the livestream on September 21 by Alteris and Christina.

General Information and Patch Date[]

  • The patch is slated for release Wednesday, September 28, 2011.
  • Level cap will be raised from 24 to 32.

Abyss Shop[]

  • Epic Shop (Lv. 24)
    • You can purchase level 24 epic items using Goddess Teardrops

Weapon Tab[]

  • Ancient Staff
    • 10 Goddess Teardrops
  • Ancient Orb/Puppet/Grimoire
    • 14 Goddess Teardrops
  • Level 24 Powders (Anima, Herba, Sophia, Pasus, Potencia)
    • 1 Goddess Teardrop

Armor Tab[]

  • Level 24 Epic Headgear
    • 4 Goddess Teardrops
  • Level 24 Epic Upper Armor
    • 5 Goddess Teardrops
  • Level 24 Epic Lower Armor
    • 5 Goddess Teardrops
  • Level 24 Epic Gloves
    • 2 Goddess Teardrops
  • Level 24 Epic Shoes
    • 2 Goddess Teardrops

General Goods Tab[]

  • Dawn Soul
    • A light spirit discovered by Honest Ed while crossing the Tel Numara Desert.
      Causes your weapon to glow with a special light.
    • 50 Goddess Teardrops


  • Golden Goose Traders renamed to Golden Goose.
  • Cassius Palace renamed to Royal Court.
  • Free Adventurer's League remained the same.

Faction Shop: Golden Goose[]

  • Faction points can purchase level 24 rare, level 24 epic, and level 32 rare equipment.
    • Seems to be class-dependent -- Sorceresses can choose between Orbs, Puppets, and Grimoires.
  • Golden Feather Orb:
    • Rare level 24 subweapon
    • 2500 Faction Points
  • Golden Feather Orb:
    • Epic level 24 subweapon
    • 10000 Faction Points
  • Golden Feather Orb:
    • Rare level 32 subweapon
    • 2500 Faction Points
  • Golden Goose Bronze Membership 7-day Coupon:
    • Purchasing price reduced by 5%
    • Enhancement fee reduced by 5%
    • Repair fee reduced by 5%
    • Selling price +3%
    • 500 Faction Points
  • Golden Goose Silver Membership 7-day Coupon:
    • Purchasing price reduced by 10%
    • Enhancement fee reduced by 10%
    • Repair fee reduced by 10%
    • Selling price +6%
    • 1000 Faction Points
  • Golden Goose VIP Membership 7-day Coupon:
    • Purchasing price reduced by 30%
    • Enhancement fee reduced by 50%
    • Repair fee reduced by 50%
    • Selling price +15%
    • 2500 Faction Points

Faction Shop: Royal Court[]

  • Royal Court Potential Pouch (Epic, Average)
    • Contains an epic average spark.
    • 400 Faction Points
  • Royal Court Potential Pouch (Rare, Average)
    • Contains a rare average spark.
    • 200 Faction Points

Faction Shop: Free Adventurer's League[]

  • Wings of Freedom Orb
    • Level 32 rare subweapon
    • 2500 Faction Points
  • Wings of Freedom Orb
    • Level 24 epic subweapon
    • 10000 Faction Points
  • Small Octagonal Water
    • 51 Faction Points
  • Medium Octagonal Water
    • 51 Faction Points
  • Free Adventurer's League Lustre Pouch (Average)
    • Contains either an Average Lustre or a Medium Octagonal Gem.
    • 150 Faction Points

Dragon Vault[]

  • More wings.
    • Pink/peach Cupid Wings
  • More clothes.
    • Hurhur...
  • No new hairstyles with this update.


    • This isn't actually an update, but was just a part of the video and already existed long ago in the game. (Thanks for pointing this out, Drakulas!)

Royal Castle[]

  • Cassius is so cute. So tiny. (7:59)
  • Lady Kaylinn
  • General Duglas
  • Bishop Ignacio
  • Captain Richard
  • Duke Stuart
  • Royal Guard

Areas: Black Mountain Path[]

  • 5 new dungeons
  • "Where the Black Dragon resided long ago."
  • Black Sovereign Gates
    • Black Sovereign Domain
      • Recommended Level: 27
  • Blackguard Stronghold
  • Black Sovereign Assembly

Areas: Port Hermalte[]

  • 5 new dungeons

Misc. Info[]

Random pieces of information that don't belong in other categories, go!

Future Livestreams[]

  • Nexon is doing another livestream sometime next week to show players more of the new dungeons (most likely Port Hermalte).

New Events Planned[]

  • Transcript
    • Alteris: And, uh, we're having some new events! Like, uhh, you log on, and you might get some, uh, cash shop items, and I heard the Empowerment Points are going to be, uh, boosted, right?
    • Christina: We will give out extra Empowerment Points so that you can actually really really enjoy the game longer, and we'll have different cash items [sic] giveaways and just... even for just logging in, so you definitely want to check out the game on launch date and until the weekend, also.
  • Hallowe'en events being planned.

Regarding Skill Resets[]

  • Transcript
    • Alteris: Nice, okay. Uhm, I see people asking about skill resets.
    • Christina: Uhm...
    • Alteris: What's the verdict?
    • Christina: Skill resets... We're thinking about it.
    • Alteris: Thinking about it?
    • Christina: Nothing's settled yet. Of course, it's one of the really coveted items -- we see a lot of skill reset petitions on the forums, uhm.. We understand that you really want it, but, well...
    • Alteris: We'll see, right?
    • Christina: We'll see, yeah.


  • No new emotes.


  • No new Nests planned for this patch.
    • They are currently working on the next Nest patch, though.

PvP Ladder[]

  • PvP ladder is being reset and the shop will have new items to tend to the new level cap (32).
    • Use your points before they're reset!!


  • Alteris won't marry "you".
  • Christina also won't marry "you".


Information found on the forums via. posts by Alteris.


  • Alteris:
    I don't think the mounts made it into this update. But since I don't have much access to the updated client, don't take my word for it.


  • Alteris:
    [...] On a serious note, the patch should be huge that day so expect a longer than usual downtime.

Future PvP Modes[]

  • Alteris:
    PvP modes are currently being tested, but they are not slated for the new update. Right now our main goal is to test Level 32 properly as well as all the 500+ quests so that when it's launched everyone can enjoy it bug free.