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About Me

Hiya! I've been playing Dragon Nest since Open Beta. I joined the wiki community some time last year, after discovering that some of the articles are lacking, and thought that I would help contribute. I have some knowledge of HTML coding, but not much, so basically I can only add missing information or create pages using other peoples’ code. If you want to contact me, feel free to leave a message on my talk page when I get around to making it.

I’m currently studying the storyline of Dragon Nest. My goal is to try and piece together the completed story, up to the current level 50 cap, similar to what is on the Mabinogi Wiki. In the mean time, I’m working on filling out dungeon pages.

My current goal as of 5/19/2014 is to update this wiki as far as I can to 70 cap, then do my best to maintain it as the basically only up-to-date wiki available.

  • Mini Goal: Figure out how to read the DN tables, all the items and stuff are listed as strings of numbers. Apparently, DNArmory was created by taking these data tables, combining them into a larger database and then converting them into something readable...the converting into something readable is quite problematic.


These are all of the characters I play.
Server: Velskud
Duskshadow – Level 64 Lunar Knight (main)
Eldarion – Level 47 Saint (first created)
Eldalote - Level 45 Windwalker
Dremvolaas - Level 29 Engineer (going Shooting Star)
RyanRalhfs - Level 32 Paladin (going Crusader)
Ithryan - Level 10 Sorceress

To-Do-List (highest to lowest priority)

Learn how to datamine = everything else becomes wayyyyyy easier Fix and complete skill table info Nest guides Finish the dragon gems table Talismans Crafting (Epics, Legend, Unique)