Dragon Nest Wiki

About Me[]

I'm a regular Dragon Nest player, who has been playing since late 40 cap. I am also known as Arshura, MrQD (in-game), and QDesire (NA forums). I posses skills related to technology, such as coding and basic server management.


  • Arshura - Lv. 70 Spirit Dancer (main)
  • UltraEvil - Lv. 69 Warden (submain)
  • ZanDoomer - Lv. 68 Lunar Knight
  • Swiggity - Lv. 50 Soul Eater
  • MrQD - Lv. 60 Destroyer (original main - retired)

and various others. Might make more when Assassin comes out.

What I Do Here[]

I aim to correct misinformation and update the content to 70 cap. I believe the Dragon Nest NA community would benefit from having an up-to-date wiki where information about the game can easily be retrieved.