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New General Information Page[]

Instead of having categories listed first, it might be easier making a page with the information and setting up links on it to navigate people in a better fashion. In other Curse Wiki's I've seen this done quite nicely and i wish to replicate their success a bit.

General Information is a page where information relating to the game is. The information in here is external, meaning that things that apply to outside the gameplay itself would be found here.

System Requirements[]

System Specs Minimum Specs Recommended Specs
Windows XP or higher
CPU Pentium 4, Dual Core Pentium 4, Dual Core 1 GHZ
RAM 1 GB 2 GB or More
HD Space
Over 4 GB Free Space
Video Card Nvidia 7600 series Nvidia 8000 series
DirectX Version
9.0C or Higher

Gaming Knowledge[]

Updates and Bugs[]

  • Current Bugs: A list of all bugs within Dragon Nest.
  • Events: In-game quests and holidays that come year round.
  • Patches: Previous and current patch notes for the game.
  • Upcoming Content: Information on unreleased content.

For more detailed information, see the category for General Information

Special Note: This is a rough outline of the new page, "General Information". More information telling what each link does would be important. As more pages get added, this will allow beginners and experienced players alinke to be able to sort through with ease. Category listings, while extremely useful for sorting pages for wiki editors, are annoying for looking for information.

New Game System(s) Page[]

As the same with the General Information page, the Game Systems category has no organization apart from being in alphabetical order. It needs a bit of refinement to give readers a sense of being sorted and easy to read. A single page leading to the categories with detailed explanations of those categories and pages.

The Game Systems page lists the various systems used by players in game. When interacting with the game, there are many different interfaces and mechanics that control what players are capable of doing. This page is the place to find out how to play the game and how to understand those mechanics.


  • Damage: How damage mechanics work.
  • Difficulty: The Difficulty is how hard or easy dungeons are.
  • Inventory: A player's inventory is the place where all items are stored.
  • Storage: Storage is extra inventory space that can only be accessed in town.
  • Enhancement: Allows the player to increase the power of their weapons and armor.


  • Empowerment: A stat that increases how much experience you get from monsters and dungeons.
  • Experience: An award for completing objectives.
  • Skill Points: When a character reaches a new level they will be rewarded skill points to spend on their Skills.
  • Stats: Numbers that control your character's power.


  • Guild: How guild mechanics work.
  • Party: A party is a small group the players who work together to accomplish difficult tasks.
  • Marketplace: How the Marketplace works.

Non Player Characters[]

  • Alliances: A group of NPC's who share a common banner.
  • NPC's: Non Player Characters (or NPC's) are various friendly people who are controlled by the computer.
  • NPC Friendship: How NPC's view your character in game.

Achievements and Titles[]

To be added soon

Dragon Vault[]

To be added soon


  • PvP: To be added soon