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Hi there! First off, welcome to the wiki, and thanks for your contributions! I should have sent this earlier, but I didn't notice what you were working on! Sorry! I've been getting rid of the NPC Page template and replacing it so that we can just use headers as we please, and use a new template for the NPC box: Template:NPC Box! If you don't mind using this from now on, it'd be much appreciated. Don't worry about going back and redoing your pages, I'll change them. :) Thank you! Solidustalk 05:48, 5 August 2011 (UTC)

There are no pages or template pages for them at the moment D: If you'd like to start a page on them, feel free to. I'm not quite sure what you would put on the Guild House page, however, as the Guild page exists. Solidustalk 05:58, 5 August 2011 (UTC)
It's fine if you're still learning. If you can lay down basic information for pages (simply text and headers (===Header=== then that should be enough to at least get a page started. If you're worried about the quality of something, leave a message on my Talk page and I'll clean it up for you, the same goes if you have questions (though I'll be getting off for a few hours soon, I'll reply ASAP). Solidustalk (UTC)
Category:Images has a bunch of images, all organized into categories. Likewise, Category:Templates has templates. Though, chances are you'll probably need to make your own templates if you're starting a different page. Look at some of the templates as a reference (though I'll probably be going through and changing or deleting some of them soon). If you need help making a template, feel free to ask. It'd probably be faster to ask us on our IRC channel instead of my talk page, though, since I'll probably be on Dragon Nest for a few hours. By the way, if you need any renders of NPCs, I'll probably be able to get you it (I don't have much motivation at the moment to grab them all unless I need to, haha). By the way, try to cut down on saving so much in a row. You can find our IRC info under the contact section on the main page. Solidustalk 16:14, 5 August 2011 (UTC)

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ClericCleric Class Icon.pngCleric_Class_Icon.png

PriestPriest Icon.pngPriest_Icon.png

PaladinPaladin Icon.pngPaladin_Icon.png

WarriorWarrior Class Icon.pngWarrior_Class_Icon.png

SwordsmanSwordsman Icon.pngSwordsman_Icon.png

MercenaryMercenary Icon.pngMercenary_Icon.png

ArcherArcher Class Icon.pngArcher_Class_Icon.png

SharpshooterSharpshooter Icon.pngBow_Master_Icon.png

AcrobatAcrobat Icon.pngAcrobat_Icon.png

SorceressSorceress Class Icon.pngSorceress_Class_Icon.png

ElementalistElementalist Icon.pngElemental_Lord_Icon.png

MysticMystic Icon.pngForce_User_Icon.png


NPCNPC Icon.pngNPC_Icon.png

Cleric TrainerCleric Icon.pngCleric_Icon.png

Warrior TrainerWarrior Icon.pngWarrior_Icon.png

Sorceress TrainerSorceress Icon.pngSorceress_Icon.png

Archer TrainerArcher Icon.pngArcher_Icon.png

AuctionAuction Icon.pngAuction_Icon.png

BlacksmithBlacksmith Icon.pngBlacksmith_Icon.png

TraderTrade Icon.pngTrade_Icon.png

Storage WarehouseStorage Icon.pngStorage_Icon.png

Crest ScholarScholar Icon.pngScholar_Icon.png

GuildGuild Icon.pngGuild_Icon.png

MailBoxMailbox Icon.pngMailbox_Icon.png


All items that are found in the game.

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Ironwood Village

Mana Ridge

Carderock Pass

Other NPCs