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Valley of Mourning Loading Screen.jpg
Dungeon Name Valley of Mourning
Location Crystal Stream
Level Range 10 ~ 12
Difficulties Available Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Abyss
Number of Rooms

Dungeon Summary

• Easy •

Recommended Level 10
Recommended Party Size 1
EXP Gained Experience
Money Reward 0 Gold 45 Silver 31 Copper
Plate 01.png

Plate (Rare)

Reset Spark.png

Crude Hidden Ability Spark (Rare)

Need Icon.png

Weapon/Armor (Magic)

Onyx Fragment.png

Onyx Fragment





Valley of Mourning Boss.png
Boss Name: Sword Wind
Level HP
Species Unknown Movement Speed
Amount Spawned Element
Need Icon.png

Monster Spawns


Story Quests

Obtained From Objective Reward


Side Quests

[Lv. 10] Message in the Ruins
Obtained From Objective Reward
Bailey Examine the ruins at the Valley of Mourning Ruby Fragment x1
1950 Experience
0 Gold 6 Silver 62 Copper

Commission Board Quests

[Lv. 10] Green Herbs
Obtained From Objective Reward
Collect Green Herbs in the Valley of Mourning Treasure Pouch (200 PU) x1
Treasure Pouch (20 PU) x3
6800 Experience
0 Gold 0 Silver 0 Copper

Empowerment Consumption (Total)

Dungeon Map